Stuck in Bed


Two and a half weeks ago, I tripped over a small fence and landed in the hospital with a broken leg.  The surgeon put 4 pins in my tibia and instructed me not to bend the leg or put weight on it for 6-8 weeks.  In New York City, that makes almost every activity impossible.  My boss declared me useless and put me on short-term disability. 

So here I am!  In comfy jail!

As of this moment, there are at least three and a half more weeks left in my sentence.   My parents are here to take care of me.  Mom cooks and makes coffee.  Dad walks my dog, Oliver (and their dog, Arabella).  My parents are from a small town in MA, and they don't really like New York.  Recent quote by Mom: "I hate that we have to order everything and we can't just go to the store and get it!"  

My life is very quiet.  The dogs like to nap with me.   I'm on Facebook and Instagram  more than I should be.  I look forward to work-related emails.  Sometimes I draw.   The picture above is the first one I did since the accident.  

In the nineteenth century, this all would have been very normal.  Invalidism was a popular lifestyle in those days.  I would sit in bed and write letters.  Maybe I'd embroider linen?  With a little luck, my romantic novel would be published under a pseudonym.  Then it would win over the London elite, and I'd be feted long after my premature death from bed sores.

Since it's 2017, I think I'll start a blog instead.

My friend Maureen suggested that a blog would be good for my shop, Bliss Street Fashion and Home.  Back when I had two legs at my disposal, I started Bliss Street on eBay.  It began as a way to make a profit on my resale shopping habit.  Over time, it has become a creative endeavor as well.  Last Spring, I photographed a series of real people in the clothes and started an Instagram site.  Someday,  I'd love to develop Bliss Street into a fashion destination.  Resale is such a great way to save money and save the environment.  Win Win.  Also: it's way more fun than retail.  Resale is for people who love to listen to the radio and feel the thrill of surprise when their favorite song comes on.  That's what it feels like to slog through the racks in a dusty church basement and suddenly uncover a St. Laurent suit.  

The other two things I'd like to work on are 1) my drawings and 2) my writing.  More about those goals in another post.

xo Celia